Entry for Ludum Dare 32. This is a Local multiplayer food fighter. This is a minimal product and we plan on working on this more and releasing it with tablet friendly controls. Please play and have fun :-)

Player 1(left) controls:

w: up

s: down

d: throw food

a: switch food

Player 2 (right) controls:

arrow up: up

arrow down: down

arrow left: throw food

arrow right: switch food

Contributers are:

Clay Morton (github.com/Lyonsclay)- Programming and Design

Kira Winters(github.com/klwint02)- Art and Design

Anthony Quisenberry (github.com/aquisenberry)- Programming and Design

GenreFighting, Shooter
TagsCasual, Local multiplayer
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player countSingleplayer